Po Mincio River Cruises
Po Mincio River Cruises
Po Mincio River Cruises

Mincio River understanding Mincio River understanding
The river
From Benacus of Gaius Valerius Catullus, to Mantua of Teofilo Folengo otherwise known as Merlino Coccajo, up to village named Andes, the home of Publio Virgilio Maro, Dante Alighieri and "The Divine Comedy", the "Visione" by Giosuè Carducci: this is the Mincio river, the "River of the Poets".
The Mincio river flows out of the Garda lake. After 73 Km in the territory of Mantua and Verona (Valeggio and Borghetto) near the village of Governolo, it flows into the Po river.
The waters are ruled by the great hydraulic system Adige-Garda-Mincio-Tartaro-Canal Bianco-Easterly Po-Adriatic Sea: a huge work that begun in 1939 and has not been finished yet.

The Park
The park of the Mincio's Valley is protected by some laws by Regione Lombardia, establishig the Mincio River Park.
It embraces the naturalistic oasis that is the Lago Superiore, beetween Rivalta Sul Mincio and Mantua and the Big Valley.

The lakes
Mincio river shapes around Mantua the Upper lake, the Middle lake, with a 3-meters-waterfall, the so-called "Vasarone" and the Inferior lake. Then it becomes river again, till the mouth.
This hydraulic settlement was designed in 1190 by the bergamasque engineer Alberto Pitentino and it provided four lakes: the fourth was dried up in the second half of the XVIII century.

Motonavi Andes

Il Rio
Alberto Pitentino built also the Rio, a stream of water, cutting the hold town in two parts and connecting the Upper lake to the Inferior lake: a Venetian dream among houses and bridges.

Motonavi Andes

The nature
The common reed, which is reaped during the winter. The Carex in June. They make up the majority of the marshy vegetation.
During the seasons of the blooms, the valley is a mosaic of colours. The water birds find their natural habitat: Herons, Nycticoraxes, Cormorants, Squacco herons (Ardeola ralloides).

Loto e Trigoi
The Valley of the Mincio river is amazing between July and August, when the Lotus flower blooms. The leaf can also be one-meter-large. Inside the whitish-rosy flowers rise up high, as big as the Magnolia. The blossom is the largest all over Europe.
In the Middle lake another peculiarity: The water caltrop or water chestnut: Trigoi (Trapa Natans).The nut shell is hard and tenacious, the pulp is sweet and floury and it has a light taste of "wild".

Motonavi Andes

La Vallazza
Just passed the Chasseloup-Masetti floodgate, we can see the swampy and interesting lands of Vallazza. In this area you can find the white and yellow Nymphaeas, the "Nymphoides peltata", "frogbit" and again the suggestive reed any time of the year. On the left, the clay pits, their sheets of water and a monument of industrial archaeology.

Motonavi Andes

The Ancient kiln
The Morselli kiln has never changed since XIX century: from the river you can see the ancient bulilding belonging to Morselli's family. A dynasty kneading the clay with their own hands. The manual skill of Morselli did not get lost. The Teatro alla Scala in Milan was repaired, in 2004, also thanks to the baked clay of Morselli.

Motonavi Andes

Pope Leo I
Where Mincio flows into the Po River, you find the great Pound lock connecting the Mincio mouth to the artificial channel an to the hydraulic system Adige-Garda-Mincio-Tartaro-Canal Bianco-Easterly Po-Adriatic Sea.

The Po river
When you get the mouth of the Mincio, the view gets larger, everything changes.

Motonavi Andes


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